Transcending properties

A design and lifestyle focused Cyprus Property Developer.

Planetvision has directed every effort towards creating inspiring spaces and vibrant communities. Our unique achievements in creating architecture as Art are markers of our ongoing evolution - considered buildings that advance the body of knowledge in our field. As we continue to grow, we strive to learn how spaces influenced by art, beauty and human values redefine the experience of 'living' and strengthen the bonds that create vibrant community life.


Every project is created with an entirely new vision, designed down to every detail, drawing on the character and history of the neighbourhood in which it is founded. By focusing on what matters most to people we are reimagining Limassol to develop new possibilities that will shape urban life for generations to come.


The unique and contemporary aspects of our properties qualify as assets for the years to come signifying a new era for the real estate sector in Cyprus. When you purchase a Planetvision property, you are assured of a sound investment, the best possible potential for capital growth, and stable rental income.


We care about how people live and we develop properties that people love, by creating unparalleled living environments surrounded by the best amenities, world-class art, architecture and design. This considered approach embraces the pursuit of re-invention, function and uniqueness. The end result is beyond bespoke, a truly special experience for each client.