Pioneers of Modern Living

A pioneering spirit, redefining the experience of ‘home’.

Our ethos is to develop distinctive, energy efficient properties, in character with the local environment, in highly desirable locations, that offer the amenities and facilities for easy working and living. We create design-driven and innovative residences which offer graceful architecture with a timeless appeal. We are focused on a simple single vision – to create inspiring places that change the ways in which we work and live in Cyprus.

Premier Placemaker

Before all else, we determine purpose and meaning: the differentiating reasons why people will come or buy. We call this ‘’Place Visioning’’. Every project is created with an entirely new vision, designed down to every detail, drawing on the character and history of the neighbourhood in which it is founded. By focusing on what matters most to people we are reimagining Limassol to develop new possibilities that will shape urban life for generations to come.


Planetvision makes a strategic selection of the property location, aesthetics and quality of materials which enhances the investment opportunities for future investors. The unique and contemporary aspects of our properties qualify as assets for the years to come signifying a new era for the real estate sector in Cyprus.


At Planetvision we care about how people live and we develop homes that people love. We’re about bespoke architecture, great locations and innovative craftsmanship.