Transcending properties

Alchemy of Design and Craft for the 21st century

Planetvision has directed every effort towards creating inspiring spaces and vibrant communities. Our unique achievements in creating architecture as Art are markers of our ongoing evolution. As we continue to grow, we strive to learn how spaces influenced by art, beauty and human values redefine the experience of 'living' and strengthen the bonds that create vibrant community life.


Every Planetvision development integrates into the fabric of the community contributing meaningfully to the location’s economic, social and environmental well-being, drawing on the character and history of the neighbourhood in which it is founded. We are creating places where people will want to live and enjoy life.


Founded on a passion for design. Leveraging good design to create places that power a positive and lasting impact on people is at the heart of every one of our developments.


We care about how people live and we develop properties that people love, by creating unparalleled living environments surrounded by the best amenities, world-class art, architecture and design. This considered approach embraces the pursuit of re-invention, function and uniqueness. The end result is beyond bespoke, a truly special experience for each client.