Empowering Imagination


It’s our signature, our promise and our commitment as a Group. It’s the spirit that drives us, individually and collectively. It’s the value that we bring to our employees, our customers, and to society as a whole. It’s the vision by which we live – a vision that is modern, dynamic, creative and bold, inspiring the entire industry and creating desire, emotion and dreams.

Planetvision Properties is an innovative property development company dedicated towards luxury living, innovation and the art of design. At the heart of our approach is enhancing neighbourhoods, celebrating the people, their stories and the culture that makes the city such an exciting place to live.

We collaborate with the finest calibre of architects, designers and consultants from across the globe to set new benchmarks for luxury living in Cyprus. With their extended know-how in all integral sectors of property development, our partners contribute specialised consulting to our projects, enabling us to fulfil our vision: Empowering Imagination!

Our team focuses on rethinking the way humans live and creating spaces of wonder. As we continue to grow, we strive to learn how spaces influenced by art, beauty and human values redefine the experience of ‘living’ and strengthen the bonds that create vibrant community life. 

Planetvision Properties is a member company of Planetvision Capital, a boutique investment management group with a purpose to shape a better future and be a driver of positive change.