Last Update

19 May 2018

Planetvision Properties offers unparalleled versatility, substantially reducing or eliminating the associated project risks through the smart application of its core philosophy.

  • Studies, assessments and financing: Planetvision Properties implements strict evaluations, including rigid valuations, realistic feasibility studies, incorporating sensitivity analyses along with market studies, hence carefully assessing the market prospects and determining the level of potential value created by the prospective project. This ensures that the company only proceeds with the implementation of viable projects that meet the company’s vision.
  • Land surveying and all associated regulatory work: Planetvision Properties uses international criteria meeting all the local standards.
  • Design and planning: The company coordinates the design efforts of both international and local architects, engineers and consultants to ensure design innovation and compatibility with local building standards, laws and regulations.
  • Construction: Planetvision Properties monitors all the process through its network of specialized partners, ensuring that high-quality, cost-effective work is implemented. Contractors are engaged by strict legal agreements to ensure the highest quality standard, expenditure control, whilst providing them with incentives for exceeding performance and timing expectations. Planetvision Properties in this way through its dedicated team of professionals, monitors all construction operations during all stages of the project development to ensure strict compliance with the plans.
  • Material procurement: The company only uses high-quality construction and decorative materials through local and international suppliers, whilst having the ability for bulk discounts by aggregating the procurement of common materials required for multiple projects especially the largescale projects.
  • Interior design: Planetvision Properties offers luxurious internal decoration solutions, with the collaboration of world famous interior architects, to add a further personal flavor to individual’s preferences.
  • Operations: The company has the ability to advice and arrange financial schemes and packages for its customers.